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Government Relations Coordinator

The Corps Network

October 06, 2021
Do you have a strong interest in government relations and are interested in applying your knowledge of the Federal Government and Congress? Are you looking to work with an organization that provides a positive influence in the lives of young people and make a significant impact on the community and natural space? Then this may be the job for you!

Categories: Promotion and Outreach

Maryland Veteran Conservation Corps (Military Veterans Only)

Student Conservation Association (SCA)

October 05, 2021
The Maryland Veteran Conservation Corps consists of 1 Leader and 4 Members. This team of military veterans will work in Merkle Natural Resources Management Area and other nearby state parks, and on projects which may involve some travel.

Categories: TrailbuildingSeasonal

Trails Technician

Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District

October 05, 2021
Under the guidance of the Deputy Chief- Planning and Projects, the Trails Technician performs trail maintenance duties, restores trails, constructs trails, and assists in trail construction throughout MWCD and surrounding areas

Categories: Trailbuilding

Trail and Service Leader

City of Richmond, Indiana

October 05, 2021
This position is intended to support the City of Richmond, Park and Recreation Department’s mission to ensure public benefit and enjoyment of natural lands.

Categories: TrailbuildingVolunteer ManagementManagement and SupervisoryPlanning

Landscape Partnership Manager

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

October 01, 2021
The Landscape Partnership Manager fulfills a crucial position within the landscape conservation program at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) by advancing all functions of the Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership (ATLP).

Categories: Advocacy

GIS Specialist

Florida Trail Association

September 29, 2021
The Florida Trail Association (FTA) in direct partnership with the USDA Forest Service (USFS) is seeking a full-time employee to lead the development and implementation of the Geospatial Program for the FTA and the USFS in support of the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST).

Categories: Technology

Environmental Steward (1700 hours) Biological Monitoring Program

Maine Conservation Corps

September 29, 2021
The MCC Environmental Steward (ES) will assist the BMP with biological monitoring and assessment of Maine wetlands, rivers and streams. This will include both field support and data management related to the project. The member may also conduct or participate in education/outreach events and volunteer events.

Categories: SeasonalConservation

Restoration Assistant/Consultant

Private Party

September 24, 2021
Looking for experienced assistance/consultant for Forest Trails & Landings restoration and erosion control measures near Lake Arrowhead, California

Categories: Conservation

Trails Laborer

Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship

September 22, 2021
We are seeking entry level trail construction staff to support and expand our trail and park stewardship program in the near future.

Categories: Trailbuilding

Georgia and Smokies Ridgerunners

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

September 21, 2021
ATC Ridgerunners provide information about the A.T. and its intended primitive experience, location, regulations, and traditions.

Categories: TrailbuildingPromotion and OutreachSeasonalEducation