Will SEX Ever Come Back to the City?

Urban Social Distancing after COVID-19. Pandemics are a recurrent natural phenomenon disrupting social structure and rewriting the history of cities. This FREE webinar series will be presented using StartMeeting.com. A calendar invitation will be sent to you along with a reminder email 24 hours prior to the webinar.

Presented by: International Professional Association for Transport & Health (IPATH)

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June 26, 2020

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There have been approximately 250 epidemics and 61 plagues throughout recorded history. The Spanish Flu of 1918, used as an early reference to the current COVID-19 pandemic, resulted in 2.7 million deaths in a global population of 250 million. As of 11 June 2020, it is estimated that the COVID-19 death toll is 416,430 globally.

​In this webinar, we will explore the following key areas of urbanization:

How cities have reacted to pandemics throughout history? When we refer to cities, we really mean PEOPLE. Do some people run from the cities? Where do they run to? Do they return? What about those who have no other choice but to stay? Who are they? What happened to them? Why did they stay?

When the threat of COVID-19 has finally passed, will it be business as usual? The infrastructure of cities will present a series of conflicts with the most prominent; efficiency versus equity. This has been a concern during recovery from each recorded pandemic. What about productivity versus sustainability? Cities...PEOPLE are the outcome of these struggles between antagonist forces.

Will our cities (PEOPLE) recover? Are they truly resilient? We will discuss several potential scenarios:

  • Nothing will change, as it has never changed in 3,000 years of pandemic history.
  • There will finally be a new and innovative societal structure.
  • A few things will change. Others won’t. Which things? Will we ever be able to...Ummmm..."hug" again?

Join us for this thought provoking discussion on the future of urbanization and the impact of COVID-19.




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