From the Driveway to the Trailhead – the Missing Link

Expanding the traditional trail organization into an effective multi-modal initiative to get improved trail, sidewalks, bike lanes, and the support needed in your community.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

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photo credit: Terry Whaley

Trail systems and networks are being developed across the country. Often these community trails are developed independently of other transportation systems such as neighborhood streets, roads, and transit systems. This session will explore the elements of street design, the value of local and regional partnerships, and the use of advocacy that can help to make your community more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The presenters will relate the success and experience of expanding the traditional trail organization into an effective multi-modal initiative to get improved trail, sidewalks, bike lanes and the community support for such in your community.


• Identify the causes and challenges of connecting homes to trailheads and local trail systems.

• Discuss, outline and recognize the existing value and cost savings of better utilizing local streets for bicycle commuting and transportation.

• List examples of building and planning for safer streets and thus developing a bicycle/pedestrian safe, and trail connected community.

With the growth and popularity of trails in many communities we realize that a community cannot afford to build, or maintain trails for everyone which go everywhere. This session is being developed to discuss the opportunities that exist in better utilizing a community’s street system to fill in the gaps between trails, and ultimately have an integrated transportation system. We wish to broaden the thinking of attendees to consider the lost opportunities their streets offer, increase their awareness of the possibilities, process and techniques to promote such use, and how to initiate a movement in their community for such change.

We will be presenting not only the benefits of a multi-modal street system for connection trails, but the “green dollar” cost savings that exist for users and municipalities. We will also be including examples and discussion on the movement to leave the car behind and encourage the use of alternative (bike, bus, walk, rideshare) transportation in a community. As a real life example we will be using the City of Springfield’s “Go Smart Springfield” project which was developed in 2011 and went public in 2012



Terry Whaley, Executive Director, Ozark Greenways, Inc.
Springfield, MO

Terry Whaley is currently serving as Executive Director to Ozark Greenways Inc. in Springfield, Missouri. The mission of Ozark Greenways is “Enhancing and Preserving the Ozark Natural Heritage for Public Use and Enjoyment”. As Executive Director (since 1995) Terry’s duties include the promotion and education of linear parks, greenways and trails to the Ozark Greenways membership and general public.

The organization maintains a membership of 1,000 members and is responsible for private fund raising, acquisition of trail easements; trail design; trail development and the creation of a land trust committee to work in preserving open spaces in Greene County. In addition to promoting local trail projects Ozark Greenways also manages the Frisco Highline Trial a 35-mile rail trail project in Greene and Polk Counties. The FHT is the second longest Rail Trail in Missouri.

From 1980 until 1995 Terry served as the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Fenton, Missouri in St. Louis County. A 1980 graduate of Southwest Missouri State University he holds a BS degree in Recreation & Leisure Studies. Terry is a current board member of American Trail and is a board member/past chairman for the Mississippi River Trail Association.


Jeff Johnson, Lead Dog with The Team, Inc.

Jeff Johnson, the Lead Dog with The Team, Inc., spearheads all sales and service functions for The Team, a strategic branding firm that is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri—yet works for a diverse collection of regional, national and international clients. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in retail manufacturer sales and agency account service, Jeff offers a seasoned sales and marketing professional with a passion for over-delivering. And, he is more than likely involved in major creative work and initiatives, helping ensure client objectives and sales goals are top priority.

Ozark Greenways engaged The Team in 2011 to help develop and craft an alternative transportation campaign for the Springfield, Missouri market. From those early stages, Jeff has led strategic and creative efforts on this initiative.



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