Cultural Landscape Training Framework

This webinar will provide an exclusive first walk through of the Cultural Landscape Training Framework showcasing how outdoor professionals can embrace multiple perspectives of the Indigenous landscapes they work on.

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March 14, 2024

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Webinar Outline

In this webinar, we will get an exclusive first walk through of the Cultural Landscape Training Framework. Divided into three story maps, the Training Framework outlines discrete steps to unlearning and relearning how outdoor professionals can embrace multiple perspectives of the Indigenous landscapes they work on. The first story map will show you where this research started and take you through methodologies used by professionals to build projects with equity. The second will show you the bulk of the training module by outlining the driving principles that can (hopefully) lead to increased engagement with Indigenous communities along the National Trail System, and give you tools to take that first step past acknowledgment toward decolonization. The last story map will walk you through our Policy Reference Chart, a tool designed to make policy, legislation, and executive and secretarial orders more consumable, leading the user to more funding opportunities that align with administrative goals and equitable project building. Altogether, the three story maps making up the Training Framework will guide you to embrace a future of respect where Indigenous experts lead the way towards a greener, brighter future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Leave with an abundance of new resources for your own unlearning and relearning.
  • Learn how to define what being an ally means for you.
  • Embrace new methodologies spearheaded by Indigenous professionals.
  • Improve your understanding of Federal Indian Law and policy impacting Indigenous lands, recreation, and conservation.


This webinar qualifies as a Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) course (via LA CES).

Webinar Resources

  • Etuaptmumk: Two-Eyed Seeing | Rebecca Thomas | TEDxNSCCWaterfront (video)
  • Cultural Landscape Training Path (

    Webinar Partners


    Amanda Grace Santos, Archaeologist, USDA Forest Service
    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Amanda Grace Santos lives in Santa Fe, NM on Ancestral Tiwa land working as a Resource Assistant with the US Forest Service. She earned her Masters in Archaeology from Boston University, where she specialized in landscape archaeology and cultural heritage management. Her thesis discussed cultural heritage management and pedagogical approaches, specifically place-based pedagogy, and conservation education. This thesis still aligns with her professional goals of equity in conservation, outreach, and effective, respectful collaboration with Native Nations. During the past year she has been working with the US Forest Service and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition to develop the Cultural Landscape Training Framework to help improve Indigenous relations across the National Trail System by leaning into the unlearning and relearning process, as well as recommendations from Indigenous professionals across the conservation and recreation professions. As a member of the generation who will take us into the future, it is central to her professional and personal aspirations to help rebuild the tables we’ve been sitting at for far too long and make sure everyone has a seat.


    Valery Serrano-Lopez, Partnership Liaison Specialist, Rocky Mountain Region, USDA Forest Service
    Pensacola, Florida

    Valery Serrano-Lopez is a first-generation Colombian immigrant, who moved to the states with her family when she was younger. She is currently the Partnership Liaison Specialist for the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, working for the Rocky Mountain Region. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and is working towards completing her Master of Arts and Science in Biology. Currently her masters research is concentrating on the relationship between students of color and the outdoors, finding a connection between outdoor inquiry programs and a student’s confidence in science. Her studies have allowed her to better understand her community, acknowledging the barriers and finding ways to connect underrepresented communities to the outdoors and its potential careers.


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