Creating a SMART Sustainable Safety Sign Initiative Program

This webinar will discuss a strategic partnership that delivers a full solution of design, operations, installation, technology, and sponsorship sales that generate significant revenue for municipalities while enhancing their trail systems.

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May 27, 2021

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Webinar Outline

Smart Outdoor is the only company in the nation working with municipalities to develop a smart sustainable safety sign innovative program. Here is a brief synopsis of our program: All trail signs will be located at trailheads and access points and mile markers are set at accurate placements for trail users to view. Each sign will contain trail rules, maps, and branding. Every sign will include a 911 locator sticker and a unique QR code for the trail, offering close proximity to county happenings, local restaurants, bike rentals, and running stores. All signs are double sided and each of the signs will be featured at each mile marker. Information will be uploaded into the emergency 911 CAD services.

Smart Outdoor has teamed-up with Liquid Outdoor Media, a national media and tech company, to provide a full solution for smart trail implementation and sponsorship. This strategic partnership combines the expertise to deliver a full solution of design, operations, installation, technology, and sponsorship sales that generate significant revenue for municipalities while enhancing their trail systems. All signs and mile markers generated from this program were purchased by Smart Outdoor.

View the updated April 2022 webinar Utilizing Signage to Secure Sponsorship, Funding, and Trail Enhancements that discusses new partnerships have formed (with the help of American Trails), and the presenters are eager to share their success stories from other trails.

Relationship with American Trails

In 2020, American Trails was introduced to this program and has been recently featured on the smart trail platform live. American Trails has officially partnered with Smart Outdoor to bring this service to other trails around the county that are looking to update their trails with new signs and receive revenue for trail upkeep - all while keeping trails sustainable and enjoyable for trail users.

View this recent article on the American Trails website for a collaboration in New York State.

Learn more from the video below:

Learning Objectives:

  • How to make your trail smart
  • How to make your Trails safer through 911
  • How to make your trails sustainable


This webinar qualifies as a Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) course (via LA CES).

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Ivan Bellotto, President, Smart Outdoor, Inc.

Ivan is founder and President of Smart Outdoor and responsible for all executive functions and business development opportunities. Ivan attended St Luke’s in New Cannan CT and then studied at the University of Tampa in Florida. He then got involved in promotions and special events. He then started working for his family business in Mahopac, Camp Kiwi, which is now Kiwi Country Day Camp which he’s a partner. For over 25 years he worked overseeing day to day operations and help create a lot of the look and feel of the property. Ivan then founded Smart Outdoor, Inc. as a way to offer safety for users while out on trails using smart phone capabilities and high-quality signs providing while providing sustainable revenue source back to the trails. Ivan has spoken about the unlocking the hidden revenue in your trails at the National Parks and Recreation Show, Florida Parks and Recreation Show, and American Trails Symposium.


Luis Diaz, Director of Project Management, Smart Outdoor, Inc.

Luis Diaz joined Smart Outdoor in 2020 and serves as Director of Operations and a member of the board of directors. As Director of Project Management, Luis is responsible for the fabrication, coordination, and installation of all signage and mile markers throughout our network of trails. Luis brings years of sales and operating experience and is currently a licensed real estate salesperson working for Century 21 in Brewster NY. Luis is fluent in Spanish and known as one of the top bilingual agents in the area.


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