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October 29, 2020

Advancing Trails Webinar Series

Perceptions of Conflict Surrounding Future E-Bike Use on the Arizona Trail

This analysis aimed to better understand how survey respondents’ most frequent method of travel, exposure to e-bikes and other factors shape their opinion of this new user group and where there may be potential for user conflict.

Categories: Webinar, Advancing Trails Webinar
Oct 29


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November 05, 2020

Advancing Trails Webinar Series

Technology in Trail Building and Planning: Drones and LiDAR

The use of emerging and evolving technologies such as drones, photogrammetry, RTK GPS, 3D modeling, and LiDAR technology to inventory and analyze existing trail conditions.

Categories: Webinar, Advancing Trails Webinar
Nov 05

November 18, 2020

Iowa Trails Virtual Summit: 3rd Session The Future of Iowa Trails


The Iowa Trails Summit has moved online for 2020! Three webinars will bring together trail blazers from across Iowa once a month, September through November, to learn, connect and collaborate from afar. Join us for one webinar or register for whole series and be entered into a raffle for a 2021 Trail Summit Registration. Professional and volunteer trail advocates alike are welcome.

Categories: Conference, Summit, Webinar

November 18, 2020

Night-time Street Safety: Discussion on Women's Mobility at Night


The goal of this presentation is to offer assessment findings, create a dialogue on perception of safety and night friendliness of cities, and identify innovative strategies to address women’s mobility issues when walking at night. This presentation will focus on our process of collecting experience‐based data from women living in various neighborhoods of San Diego and overlay this input with the concepts of environmental justice, accessibility, and equity.

Categories: Webinar


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December 03, 2020

Advancing Trails Webinar Series

Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Trails: Crawford Path Case Study

This webinar will discuss new, innovative approaches for a more sustainable future on trails.

Categories: Webinar, Advancing Trails Webinar
Dec 03

December 16, 2020

Are We There Yet? Best Practices in Speed Management


In this webinar, listen to change‐makers working at the local, state, and national levels to improve speed management practices while including equity considerations. The speakers will discuss managing speeds while being responsive to community input, recent national research, and state efforts to consider alternatives to the 85th percentile for speed setting.

Categories: Webinar