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Trail training, workshops, and conferences on trail building, planning, management, land protection, organization development, leadership, tools, GIS data, parks, bike/ped facilities, nonmotorized transportation, funding, and stewardship.

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Advancing Trails Webinar Series

Working with Tourism to Develop, Promote, and Fund Active Tourism

October 11, 2018

This webinar explores how to work with tourism officials and/or economic development councils to drive economic development.

Categories: Webinar, Advancing Trails Webinar
Oct 11


Advancing Trails Webinar Series

Nordic Ski Trails Across the Country

November 15, 2018

In partnership with the Society for Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP). Presented by TBD

Categories: Webinar, Advancing Trails Webinar
Nov 15


Advancing Trails Webinar Series

Building Strong Volunteer Partner Organizations: A Success Story

December 06, 2018

With increased use of our public trails and limitations on agency resources, how can volunteer organizations be more responsive and effective partners? Join us to learn about a successful statewide effort in Colorado—the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition (COSC) -- that is laying the groundwork for advancing the state’s stewardship movement by building a stronger and more effective infrastructure of volunteer programs across the state.

Categories: Webinar, Advancing Trails Webinar
Dec 06