Best Practice Trail Auditing Using Digital Platforms

This presentation summarizes how the Trail Vision platform digitizes trail management— utilizing technology to collect, analyze, and visualize critical trail information, to make better, more informed decisions.

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February 09, 2023

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Webinar Outline

This presentation summarizes how the Trail Vision platform digitizes trail management— utilizing technology to collect, analyze, and visualize critical trail information, to make better, more informed decisions.

Trail Vision is the culmination of over five years’ experience in professional trail auditing, management, and governance consulting. We knew there had to be a better way to capture and analyze trail data and produce meaningful reports that better inform trail management decision-makers.

We were not surprised to learn that many others in the industry shared the same bewildering frustrations of the never-ending difficulties in piecing together numerous apps and desktop software packages in what should be a straightforward process of efficiently and effectively capturing, analyzing and reporting trail data.

When comparing with other trail management software:

  • Trail Vision facilitates the entire Trail Asset Management Lifecycle— issue reporting and surveys are just one of the many features on this platform.
    • They also document “as constructed” asset data for example, which forms the basis of future audits and inspections.
    • The platform features operational and reporting functionality to assist land managers to manage their risk profile and litigation exposure.
  • Trail Vision is targeted at trail professionals (auditors, builders, consultants) and land managers, not just the public users of trails and volunteers.
    • Trail Vision have advanced reporting capabilities for communicating issues as a professional auditor or within the Land Manager’s organization.
    • The Trail Vision app has fully customizable data collection capabilities, with more focus on reporting and analysis via the web portal; collecting the data is just the beginning.
    • Professional auditors use the Trail Vision platform to significantly reduce their turnaround time on reports, maximizing their time in the field and minimizing their time in the office.
  • Following the collection of maintenance issues, they have work order management capabilities to schedule, assign, and track work orders.
  • Their dashboards enable land managers to compare their key trail statistics against other similar trails, such as number of and frequency of issues, average maintenance spends, and time to resolve issues, and many more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Trail Asset Management Lifecycle; what information to collect when building new trails, how to effectively collect data and report information on the maintenance of trails, how to use trail data to mitigate litigation risk.
  • Effectively and efficiently collect trail data in the field
  • Analyze and identify issues, trends and opportunities from collected field data
  • Understand the importance of effective communication in raising maintenance issues and requesting budget

Webinar Resources

  • Presenter Presentation (pdf)
  • Trail Vision Website

    Webinar Partners


    Alan Gould, CEO, Trail Vision
    Enoggera, Queensland, Australia

    Alan Gould is the CEO of Trail Vision, the platform that Government Departments, Councils, Land Managers, Commercial Park Operators, Builders, Consultants, Contractors and Clubs use to professionally manage trails.

    Alan has over 20 years of experience designing and developing IT systems. He is passionate about building innovative software that is easy to use and solves real problems.


    Craig Meinicke, Director, Trail Vision
    Enoggera, Queensland, Australia

    Craig Meinicke is a Director of Trail Vision and a recognized leader in the Australian mountain biking community. Craig sees trails as a catalyst to improving communities, keeping their people together, and growing sustainably. As Chair of the Mountain Bike Australia Trails and Advocacy Commission, Craig was instrumental in facilitating the development of the Australian national guidelines for mountain bike trail development, including a revised trail difficulty rating system. Craig continues to drive improvements through the QLD State Advisory Council for AusCycling.


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