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posted Aug 24, 2018

Students develop Salmon, Idaho’s podcast trail

by Gina Knudson with Salmon Valley Stewardship

Local students wrote and narrated short podcasts to educate visitors of the trail about natural and local history.

categories: technology
tags: technology, youth and kids on trails

posted Apr 13, 2018

Trail Tools: Survey, Layout, and Measuring Tools

by Jim Schmid

These are the most commonly used Survey, Layout, and Measuring Tools with tips on using them safely and effectively.

categories: technology
tags: tools for trail building, technology

posted Mar 3, 2018

Trail Conditions Inventory and Assessment in Northwest New Jersey

by New York - New Jersey Trail Conference

This project identifies trail maintenance needs to be addressed by NY-NJ Trail Conference volunteer trail crews.

categories: technology
tags: technology, volunteers, recreational trails program (rtp)

posted Mar 1, 2018

Colorado Fourteeners Initiative’s Sustainable Trails Program

by Colorado Fourteeners Initiative

Colorado’s iconic “Fourteeners,” the 54 peaks exceeding 14,000 feet in elevation, draw an estimated 500,000 hiker use days annually from state residents and out-of-state tourists.

categories: technology
tags: sustainable trails, gis mapping, technology

posted Jul 31, 2019

Connecting 10 million People to the Outdoors in Los Angeles County

by Ryan Branciforte with OuterSpatial, Zachary T. Likins with Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department, CA, Michelle O'Connor with Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department, CA, Sheela Kleinknecht, Dora Nuñez

The story behind the development of LA Counties world-class trails mobile app and website covering 600+ parks, over 550 linear miles of trails, hundreds of points of interest.

categories: technology
tags: technology, mapping, fire impact on trails, gis mapping, social media and mobile technology

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