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posted Aug 21, 2018

Walkable Edmonton Toolkit promotes a more active community

Here you’ll find a menu of advocacy ideas, design concepts and walkability tools, each with links to numerous other resources. You’ll discover interesting destinations and group efforts that make walking in Edmonton interesting and fun. You’ll learn about civic initiatives that may dovetail with your interests. You’ll read success stories that prove you and your community can make a difference.

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Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals (APBP)

Lexington, Kentucky

APBP is a community of practitioners working to create more walkable, bikeable places. We foster peer knowledge sharing, advance technical expertise, and support the professional development of our members.

201 E. Main Street, Ste. 1405, Lexington, Kentucky 40507
(859) 402-9819 • [email protected]

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