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posted Jan 5, 2018

The Acorn Group

Blending the skills of planners, designers, and educators, The Acorn Group offers award-winning services in interpretive planning and design.

  tags: interpretation, signage, trail signs

posted Jul 1, 2018

Educating trail users: advice for planning interpretive trail signs and exhibits

by California State Parks, Statewide Trails Section

It’s up to you as a park steward to instill a sense of appreciation for the story that needs to be told – interpretive theme and messages of the trail must be well planned.

  tags: wildlife and habitat, interpretation, signage

posted Apr 5, 2018

iZone Imaging

iZone Imaging is the trusted partner in providing durable signage and graphics from the only completely in-house manufacturing facility dedicated to producing CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) products. Experience the truly best products, service and delivery available only from us.

  tags: signage, interpretation

posted Mar 27, 2018

Betty's Kitchen Interpretive Trail, Yuma, Arizona

by American Trails Staff

This National Recreation Trail in Betty's Kitchen Wildlife and Interpretive Area invites vistors along the Colorado River at the California border.

  tags: historic, interpretation, nature trail

posted Mar 27, 2018

Canyon National Recreation Trail, New Mexico

by American Trails Staff

Located in Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) , this 2.2-mile interpretive trail provides access to wildlife viewing in the Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem.

  tags: birding, interpretation, backcountry

posted Mar 27, 2018

Congaree River Blue Trail, South Carolina

by American Trails Staff

Starting near Columbia, this 50-mile water trail and greenway ranges from urban adventures to the Coastal Plain with its high bluffs and floodplain habitats.

  tags: greenways and open space, historic, interpretation, water trails

posted Mar 27, 2018

Horton's Slough Trail, Oklahoma

by American Trails Staff

Wetlands and waterfowl are featured on this trail at Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge.

  tags: birding, interpretation, wildlife and habitat, backcountry

posted Mar 27, 2018

Juniata River Water Trail, Pennsylvania

by American Trails Staff

The Juniata River Water Trail is a component of the Pittsburgh to Harrisburg Main Line Canal Greenway, a 320-mile corridor of natural wonders, history, culture, and recreation following the path of the historic Main Line Canal.

  tags: birding, interpretation, restoration, wildlife and habitat, water trails

posted Mar 27, 2018

Scuppernong River Interpretive Boardwalk, Columbia, North Carolina

by American Trails Staff

Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is the site for this wetlands trail near Columbia, North Carolina.

  tags: birding, interpretation, wildlife and habitat

posted Mar 26, 2018

Centennial Trail, Indian River County, Florida

by American Trails Staff

Located at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, this 0.75-mile accessible trail tells the story of the first national wildlife refuge and celebrates the entire Refuge System, offering visitors the chance to learn about each national wildlife refuge in the country while enjoying scenic overlooks and abundant wildlife.

  tags: birding, interpretation, preservation, wildlife and habitat, nature trail

posted Mar 26, 2018

Froland National Recreation Trail, Froland Waterfowl Production Area, Minnesota

by American Trails Staff

Froland Waterfowl Production Area Interpretive Trail winds around several wetlands through scenic restored prairie and oak savanna in west-central Minnesota. An accessible trail leads to an observation platform overlooking a large wetland.

  tags: birding, conservation and environment, interpretation, preservation, snow and winter trails, wildlife and habitat, nature trail

posted Mar 26, 2018

Gary L. Haller National Recreation Trail, Kansas

by American Trails Staff

Johnson County, Kansas, manages the 17.5-mile trail which begins in Olathe and continues north through Lenexa and Shawnee. The scenic, multi-use route was one of the first major trail facilities completed in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

  tags: historic, interpretation, shared use, greenways and open space, nature trail, urban trails

posted Mar 26, 2018

Grimes Point Trail, Nevada

by American Trails Staff

Trail through Grimes Point Archaeological Site provides access to petroglyphs near ancient lake.

  tags: historic, interpretation, backcountry, nature trail

posted Mar 26, 2018

Housatonic River Walk, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

by American Trails Staff

River Walk was created by community volunteers, and maintained to allow public access to the Housatonic River and to reclaim its banks for the benefit of wildlife and people.

  tags: birding, greenways and open space, interpretation, wildlife and habitat, urban trails

posted Mar 26, 2018

Magnolia Trail, Natchez, Mississippi

by American Trails Staff

St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge south of Natchez hosts this trail.

  tags: birding, interpretation, wildlife and habitat, nature trail

posted Mar 26, 2018

Mines of Spain State Recreation Area Trails System, Iowa

by American Trails Staff

Located south of Dubuque along the Mississippi River, the 20-mile trail system provides opportunities for recreation as well as environmental education.

  tags: birding, interpretation, nature trail, wildlife and habitat, backcountry, snow and winter trails

posted Mar 26, 2018

River Mountains Loop Trail, Nevada

by American Trails Staff

The paved multiple use, multi-jurisdictional trail runs 35 miles around the River Mountains connecting Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Henderson, and the Las Vegas Valley.

  tags: funding, interpretation, partnerships, wildlife and habitat, backcountry

posted Feb 19, 2018

Writing a Better Story

by Jennifer Rigby with The Acorn Group

Strategies for captivating your trail audience.

  tags: urban trails, trails as transportation, signage, interpretation

posted Feb 17, 2018

Telling a Better Story

This American Trails’ webinar, “Telling a Better Story,” focuses on strategies for captivating your trail audience with provocative, well designed interpretive panels.

  tags: advancing trails webinar series, signage, interpretation

posted Feb 12, 2018

Interpretive GRAPHICS / EnviroSIGNS

Interpretive GRAPHICS / EnviroSIGNS has been designing and producing durable, high quality interpretive, wayfinding, and identification signs for over forty years.

  tags: signage, interpretation, trail signs

posted Feb 6, 2018

Rail-Trail Maintenance & Operation

by Tim Poole with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Northeast Regional Office

In about two decades, rail-trails have risen from obscurity to become highly valued amenities for many American communities. Rail-trails preserve natural and cultural resources and provide both residents and tourists with attractive places to recreate and safe routes to their destinations.

  tags: management and operation, safety, surfaces, signage, bridges, drainage, trailheads, interpretation

posted Oct 7, 2019

Erica Fielder Studio

Erica Fielder Studio creates interpretive displays for parks and visitor centers.

  tags: interpretation

posted Oct 4, 2019

Tour-Mate Systems, Ltd.

Tour-Mate Systems, Ltd. is an interpretation solutions company that produces audio tours for museums, art galleries, historic sites and botanical gardens.

  tags: interpretation

posted Oct 4, 2019

Tierra Right of Way Services

Tierra Right of Way Services, Ltd., is a diverse land services firm offering turnkey right of way acquisition and relocation, environmental, cultural resource, and CAD/GIS services to private and public clients throughout the western United States.

  tags: interpretation

posted Oct 4, 2019

Guide Studio

A consultancy for places with people-traffic. We connect strategy with design to help clients engage their audiences, every step of the way.

  tags: interpretation

posted Oct 4, 2019

Public Safety Industries

The signage and amenity solution experts of public recreational and private community spaces.

  tags: interpretation

posted Oct 3, 2019

Gopher Sign Company

Gopher Sign Company is a 95 year old signage company that focuses on producing traffic-related signage for municipal, county, state and federal government customers.

  tags: interpretation, navigation and wayfinding

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