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Waterford Press and American Trails Announce the Release of New State Day Hiking Series

We are announcing a new partnership with Waterford Press to benefit the Trail Fund.

Waterford Press, publisher of over 500 simplified pocket guides that connect people to the world around them by making knowledge about nature, the sciences, world cultures, and outdoor recreation and survival skills more accessible, will launch a new series of State Day Hiking guides created in collaboration with the experts at American Trails. The first eight guides in the series will be in stores March 2022 (retail $7.95).

In 2020, there were approximately 52 million participants in hiking in North America. Each guide will provide 20 family-friendly hikes with a description, map/location and key features that the hiker will observe or experience. The sites selected will be within a 1–2-hour drive from a major community or city. Within the next 4-5 years, the series will include all 50 states.

These indispensable pocket reference guides are ideal for hikers of all abilities, ages and skill levels, are lightweight, and fit easily in a backpack. A portion of proceeds from the sale of the State Day Hiking series will support The Trail Fund in assisting the trails community with funding to support maintenance, research, and stewardship training needs.

About Waterford Press:

For over 25 years, Waterford Press has published the industry-leading collection of reference guides for wildlife identification, outdoor recreation, travel and safety and survival skills. We are the largest publisher of folding pocket-sized guides with over 900 titles in print and more than 20 million copies sold. With titles for all 50 states plus a growing list of international destinations, Waterford Press is truly “Putting the World in Your Pocket.”

Our mission is to publish information that connects people to the world around them by making knowledge about nature and outdoor recreation more accessible. We believe that a greater appreciation for our planet and its inhabitants leads to the preservation and protection of our natural resources. In this spirit, Waterford Press has contributed more than 100,000 pocket guides and books to nonprofit youth organizations, schools and groups. With 100% of our products produced in the USA, Waterford Press also takes pride in doing our part to sustain the livelihood of the people who enjoy using our products.

Media Contacts

Taylor Goodrich

American Trails

(530) 395-0291


Bill O’Donnell

Waterford Press

(202) 594 7327


Jenna Risano

Waterford Press

(727) 812-0140


Published December 2021

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