Trails Fund and Insurance Program

A Joint Initiative of American Trails and Conservation United, Inc.

An emerging grant program known as the “Trails Fund” serves the dual goals of bringing insurance expertise and continuity to the trails industry, while leveraging insurance commission and premium.


In the fast-paced, mission-driven trails and conservation industry, the intricacies of insurance and bonding and the many variables that influence pricing are often misunderstood. In the trails industry, management often entrusts policies to brokers who often do not understand trail planning, design, building, and maintenance work, cannot fluently explain field activities to carriers, and who do not represent enough similar organizations to generate volume pricing advantages.

The Partnership

Conservation United, Inc. is a commercial insurance brokerage and risk management consultant specializing in the trail construction/maintenance, conservation, volunteer engagement, and government service sectors. Conservation United respects that conservation and trails organizations are specialists in their unique fields and believe that their insurance and risk management needs should be supported by an equally specialized brokerage. Conservation United believes that insurance is one of the least understood aspects of management and that organizations are entirely too often left exposed to uninsured loss or inadvertently squander hard earned income on overpriced policies. Serving as an advocate for conservation and trails organizations, Conservation United allows management to focus on advancing their missions rather than navigating the confusing landscape of insurance.

American Trails is the collective voice for a diverse coalition of enthusiasts, professionals, advocates, land managers, conservationists, and friends of the outdoors and livable cities. As a national nonprofit organization working on behalf of all trail interests, American Trails advocates for the cooperative establishment and support of hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, trail motorcycling, ATVing, snowmobiling, water, and all other trail types. American Trails strives to enrich the quality of life for all people and the sustainable development of communities by advancing and promoting the development, preservation, and enjoyment of diverse, high-quality trails and greenways. Promoting best practice among all stakeholders and promoting specialty products and services in the trails community is a vital aspect of American Trails’ mission.

Giving Back

Conservation United aligns with the spirit of a “social enterprise”, in which a defining mission of business is to support a public cause and give back to the greater community. American Trails has partnered with Conservation United to develop a full-service insurance and bonding program tailored to the unique needs and considerations of the trails industry. Our model gives back to the trails and conservation communities by donating a percentage back to form the basis of the “Trails Fund.” This Fund will be administered by a diverse coalition of trail user groups, and will support grants for trail planning, design, building, maintenance, acquisition, and education opportunities across the country, serving all types of trail users.

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