Resources for building trails and greenways: design guidelines, construction techniques, materials, trail paving and surfacing, and trailhead signs and facilities.

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posted Jul 6, 2018

ExtremeTerrain’s Clean Trail Grant Program


  • tags: jeep, grants
categories: Funding, Planning and Management, Building and Maintenance

posted Dec 6, 2018

Collective Stewardship Efforts in Colorado

Presented by Ann Baker Easley with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and others TBD

categories: Building and Maintenance, Volunteers

posted Jul 11, 2018

FAQ: What are the guidelines for constructing an ADA compliant remote access trail path in National Forests?

by American Trails Staff

On September 26th the U.S. Forest Service released the agency’s 2013 Accessibility Guidebook on Outdoor Recreation and Trails that updates the agency’s direction on providing recreational opportunities accessible to everyone.

  • tags: faq, accessibilty, parks, federal
categories: Building and Maintenance

posted Jul 17, 2018

FAQ: Constructing an air station inflator on bike trails

by American Trails Staff

Bicycle repair stations can now be purchased from several vendors.

  • tags: faq, trailheads, bicycle
categories: Building and Maintenance

posted Jul 17, 2018

FAQ: Constructing a 10' bike trail without having to relocate power poles

by American Trails Staff

What can you do when a proposed bike trail encounters obstacles such as power poles.

  • tags: faq, urban, utilities
categories: Building and Maintenance