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The Trail Fund Announces a $50,000 Sponsorship from Ford Motors

The Ford Motor Company is donating $50,000 to the newly launched Trail Fund to support on the ground trail projects across America.

For Immediate Release

American Trails is delighted to announce Ford Motor Company as a new sponsor of the Trail Fund. Ford is working with Ubisoft to release the new game Riders Republic and donating $50,000 to the Trail Fund so when players are gaming indoors they are also helping the outdoors.

The Trail Fund is a joint initiative of the Trails Move People Coalition, led by American Trails, to assist the trails community with funding to support trail maintenance, research, and stewardship training needs.

The Trail Fund is designed to get direct results for the outdoors. American Trails strives to maximize all funds collected directly to designated projects. We work to find the best trail partners from across the trails spectrum, and we measure our success in terms of visible on-the-ground maintenance of trails and increased capacity of trail stewards to do the job effectively. To this end, the Trail Fund will begin accepting applications in early 2022 for projects to fund through the Ford sponsorship.

Ford’s sponsorship will allow several projects to move forward, and we will be updating social media regularly to show the on-the-ground status of Trail Fund projects.

Mike Passo, Executive Director of American Trails, says, "We are very excited to be working with Ford and to have a direct connection with the video game community for the first time through this opportunity. This sponsorship will have a direct impact on creating more and better trails for thousands of Americans."


You can read and share our press release here.

For more information contact:

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Title: Communication and Media Specialist
Phone: (530) 395-0291
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Published September 2021

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