The Creation of the Jeju Olle Trail (South Korea)

The Birth of a World Trail Network

This session will introduce the Jeju Olle Trail and the new possibilities that have grown from it.

by Galeo Saintz, World Trails Network

Speakers: Soo-jin Lee, Director of Visual Communication Department, member of World Trail Network Committee; Dr. Hui Jung, Board Member of the Korea Trails Association, member of World Trail Network Committee

This session will introduce the Jeju Olle Trail and the new possibilities that have grown from it. Following three World Trail Conferences coordinated by the Jeju Olle Foundation, held on the small, lovely island of Jeju - the World Trail Network was born. Learn about the participating organizations that have been working together to launch this new global movement. The mission is to help share the current issues and common values of trails in the world, to promote cooperation amongst trail advocates, and to establish the trail industry towards sustainable development.

About the Author

Galeo Saintz is the co-founder of two of South Africa’s premier long-distance trails. Today he is founding chair of the World Trails Network, an international initiative focused on taking the trails industry into the future, while highlighting the globally significant role trails play in communities across the world. In 2014 he was elected to chair a new initiative called Mandela’s Walk, a long-distance pilgrimage that celebrates the life and values of the late Nelson Mandela. Galeo has first-hand experience in trail conception, organizational development, and is an international trails liaison. He has spoken at numerous international conferences advocating for trails, their benefits, and the role they play in reconnecting communities to nature, culture, and our unique and individual human story.

Contact: [email protected]

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