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The 2009 Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan

In order to achieve the objective of establishing a continuous trail of the magnitude and quality of the CDNST, it is necessary to establish a formal process for integrating the CDNST requirements into the long-range land and resource management programs of the various Federal and State agencies. Such a process should be both faithful to the intentions and requirements of the National Trails System Act and compatible with the regulations and procedures under which the agencies must work.

by USDA Forest Service

Cdnst comprehensive plan final 092809

Preparation of the Comprehensive Plan for the CDNST is required by the National Trails System Act, P.L. 90-543 enacted on October 2, 1968 as amended. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the implementing regulations for each of the Federal agencies with responsibilities for the CDNST require assessment of the environmental impacts of locating the CDNST. In addition, each of the Federal agencies is required by various Acts of Congress to prepare and implement land and resource management plans for the Federal lands over which they have jurisdiction.

Because of the number of Federal and state land management agency jurisdictions and various political subdivisions traversed by the CDNST the Secretary of Agriculture intends that the Comprehensive Plan provide for a fully coordinated approach by each of the responsible Federal and State agencies for the location, development, and management of the CDNST. It is the goal of this Comprehensive Plan to provide a uniform CDNST program that reflects the purposes of the National Scenic Trail system, and allows for the use and protection of the natural and cultural resources found along the rights-of-way and located route on lands of all jurisdictions.

Published September 2009

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