Sustainable Trail Development and Education in Patagonia

A PTBA Technical Track presentation

This PTBA Technical Track session describes trail development in remote area's of Argentine Patagonia.

by Jed Talbot, Owner, OBP Trailworks, LLC

An ambitious recreational trail and infrastructure development project in a remote area of Argentine Patagonia features an extensive system of loops and long distance trails and huts are being constructed with assistance of over 100 people. PTBA member Jed Talbot is coordinating a team of trail experts from the United States, designing trail and training local crews and National Park Staff from all regions of Patagonia. The result is the most extensive recreational trails development and training effort in Patagonian history.

About the Author

Jed Talbot is the owner of OBP Trailworks, LLC (OBP), a Maine based company that designs, builds, and consults on all types of pedestrian and motorized trails. Hallmarks of OBP include technical stonework, rustic timber joinery, naturalistic accessible trails and challenging backcountry rigging systems.

Jed’s philosophy is one that synthesizes traditional historic practices with innovative modern tools and techniques. His passion for understanding and developing safe and creative practices is matched by his desire to teach and inspire others who want to pursue conservation-based work.

Jed is the co-author of the upcoming USFS manual “Principles of Backcountry Rigging” and has facilitated over 100 workshops on trail building techniques to volunteer, municipal, federal, private, public, and non-profit crews across the country and beyond. Jed is also the current vice-president of the Professional TrailBuilders Association.

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