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posted Aug 16, 2022

What Went Wrong?

What happens when things don’t go as planned?

posted Aug 16, 2022

Design a Trail Worth Traveling To

by Randy Martin with Trailscape

Learn how to plan an initial trail layout.

posted Aug 16, 2022


Safety records from trails across the country

posted Aug 16, 2022

The U.S. Bicycle Route System

by Christopher Douwes with Federal Highway Administration, Ginny Sullivan with Adventure Cycling Association

Learn how the corridor-level plan was developed in partnership with the non-profit AASHTO and join Adventure Cycling and others in promoting state adoption of an interstate route system for bikes.

posted Aug 16, 2022

Signs for the Times

Introduction to various aspects of implementing a wayfinding program.

posted Aug 16, 2022

Rails With Trails

This presentations discusses unique opportunities for trail development along the right of way adjacent to railroad tracks.

posted Aug 16, 2022

Oregon Trails 2015

The State of Oregon's statewide trail plan.

posted Aug 16, 2022

The Best of Both Worlds

by Robert Spurlock with Metro Regional Government, Elaine Stewart with Metro Regional Government, Emily Roth with Portland Parks and Recreation

Improving trails for both wildlife habitat and trail users’ experiences.

posted Aug 16, 2022

Parks Paradigm Shift

by Nancy Desmond with Cleveland Metroparks, Andy Williamson

Best practices for either establishing a new bike optimized off-road trail system or better managing your current network.

posted Aug 16, 2022

Partners for Trails

Formal comprehensive non-motorized trails program

posted Aug 16, 2022

Over Under through Infrastructure Obstacles

Learn how a New York study of road and trail intersections generated policy and design recommendations and a public education campaign for trail users and motorists.

posted Aug 16, 2022

Telling the Tale of Our Ohio Trails

The nation’s longest paved trail network is a 340-mile accomplishment and a point of pride in Ohio.