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Proper Signage Makes a Trail Come Alive

From wayfinding signage that help the public navigate your trail, to informational signs that educate trail visitors about the area, promote conservation, and create a more interactive experience, proper signage can take trails to the next level.

by iZone Imaging

Signs are invaluable for parks, trails, and greenways. They make spaces interactive, convey information, create safer environments, and help users find their way. When installing signage it is very important to work with experts so that the signs are long lasting, fit spaces, are properly mounted, withstand weathering, and more. Companies like iZone Imaging make this process as easy and successful as possible, and work with buyers to create amazing signage.

iZone creates a variety of products including signs and wayfinding, exhibit displays, decorative surfaces, and hardware. Buyers can contact iZone and will be directed to work with a regional representative who can help them turn their artwork into beautiful signage. The below galleries show unique sign solutions that iZone helped implement to bring the user experience to the next level.

Learn more on the iZone website about the gallery projects:

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Old Faithful Visitor Education Center

Sonoma State Historic Park

Martial Cottle Park

Published October 2020

About the Author

iZone Imaging is the trusted partner in providing durable signage and graphics from the only completely in-house manufacturing facility dedicated to producing CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) products. Experience the truly best products, service and delivery available only from us.

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