Program Administration Skills and Competencies

Specific skills used in trails and greenways work: budgeting; developing costs; managing grants and finding programs; managing staff and volunteers; managing projects; identifying funding sources; working with a variety of funding; writing grant proposals;

by American Trails Staff

Skills for Budgets and Cost Management

  • Preparing, justifying, and administering program or project budgets
  • Monitoring expenditures to ensure cost-effective support to achieve the desired goal
  • Managing cash flow, debt, and investments

Skills for Managing Grants and Funding Programs

  • Selecting, updating, and explaining criteria for project selection
  • Administering accounts for grants provided to project sponsors
  • Reviewing and administering contracts for grants and other funding programs
  • Providing technical assistance on grant writing and project proposals
  • Interpreting and applying laws and regulations relating to Federal funds

Skills for Managing Projects

  • Performing cost analysis and develop budgets for trail and facility design.
  • Supervising contracts and contractors
  • Monitoring expenditures to ensure cost-effective support to achieve the desired goal

Skills for Identifying Funding and Grant Writing

  • Researching and use a variety of funding sources
  • Writing grant proposals for needed projects and enhancements
  • Planning events, products, and programs to raise funds to benefit the trail
  • Working with businesses to provide assistance for project construction and management
  • Managing grants and accounting records for projects
  • Assisting partners in developing proposals for collaborative funding

Skills for Managing Staff, Volunteers, and Partners

  • Training staff and volunteers with appropriate skills
  • Managing schedules and work
  • Managing and resolving conflicts and disagreements in a constructive manner
  • Planning and conducting public meetings and workshops