Pathway to the Pacific

The Salmonberry Corridor Rail Trail Concept

Exploring options for trail types, surfaces, and alignments, along with trailheads and facilities, for a wide variety of activities.

Presenters: Ken Pirie, Senior Associate, Walker Macy; Rocky Houston, State Trails Coordinator, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

An 84-mile railroad once connected the Willamette Valley to the Oregon Coast through the canyon of the Salmonberry River. A catastrophic storm in 2007 severely damaged the rail facilities, particularly in a 16-mile stretch of tunnels and trestles deep within the Coast Range. This corridor has a rich history, outstanding scenery, and the potential to connect urban and rural Oregon with a long trail, while tapping into a wide network of existing recreation trails and parks, educational opportunities, and heritage sites. A Concept Plan was commissioned to explore options for trail types, surfaces, and alignments, along with trailheads and facilities, for a wide variety of activities.

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