Nonprofit and Education Outdoor Career Opportunities

There are an abundance of jobs in the nonprofit and education sectors that allow you to work in or for the outdoors. Careers in the outdoors in both education and nonprofit sectors can vary greatly depending on the mission and vision of the organization you choose to work for.

by Transforming Youth Outdoors (TYO)

Pursuing a career in the outdoors can be an amazing opportunity to work while doing what you love and give back to your greater community. There are many career opportunities within the nonprofit and education sectors that will allow you to work in or for the outdoors.

This guide contains detailed descriptions of specific fields within the nonprofit and education sectors including example organizations, as well as education and experience necessary to pursue a career in the nonprofit and education sectors.

For the purpose of this guide, the nonprofit and education sectors will be broken into fields outdoor recreation, environmental education, outdoor youth development, wilderness therapy, and conservation. The education sector is made up of K 12 schools, colleges and universities which tend to focus primarily on recreation and environmental education

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