National Recreation Trail Ambassador Responsibilities

Follow these steps to be a successful National Recreation Trail (NRT) Ambassador

photo credit: Mike Bullington

Step One

Apply to be an NRT Ambassador

The first step to becoming an ambassador is to fill out the application found here. When we have received your application we will send you a welcome email, and you will be ready to get started!

Watch the NRT Informational Video

To learn all about the National Recreation Trails Program watch the webinar. You need to watch the online recording here.

Step Two

NRT Database

Visit the NRT Database and search for the NRTs you would like to adopt. Email Michael Bullington at [email protected] to claim an NRT.

Contact the Trail Manager

The first step once you claim a trail will ALWAYS be to attempt to contact the trail manager. Follow the "Ambassador Guide to Talking to Trail Managers" attached to this article.

Visiting the Trail

The most important thing we need ambassadors to do is contact trail managers and follow the guide for talking to trail managers. However if you are visiting the trail you can collect GIS data. You can find information on GIS collection apps here.



Contact [email protected] if you have any questions on the NRT program.

Before you visit the trail make sure you check the database page to check for missing information. Some of the information in the database may be outdated, so let us know of any updates we should make once you visit the trail. Please take photos when you visit trails so we can add these to the database as well.

Step Three

Updating a Trail's Information

Once you have gathered info on a trail through either the trail manager or visiting the trail, go to the Jot Form to fill in that information. You can find that form here. We will then review any information you have submitted and make the necessary updates.

Complete Two or More Trails

Once you complete two trails you are eligible for an NRT ambassador t-shirt, along with our TRAIL BOSS mug and sticker swag!

Learn More

Join the Facebook Group

To interact with other ambassadors join our Facebook group here.

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Published June 2021