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Great Shasta Rail Trail

Trail Concept Plan

The Great Shasta Rail Trail will link the towns of McCloud and Burney and nearby recreation areas along an 80 mile trail that will feature local heritage, scenic landscapes, and stimulate the economic and social vitality of the region.

by Great Shasta Rail Trail Association

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Imagine taking a journey down an evergreen lined corridor of nature and history, venturing between whistle-stops from the past that are now welcoming trailheads. Whether on bike, horse, or foot, a trek along all or part of the 80 mile Great Shasta Rail Trail provides a memorable recreational experience that encourages learning, exploration, and enjoyment of natural open spaces.

Recreation, heritage, and ecological enhancement are the cornerstones of the Great Shasta Rail Trail concept. Recreational opportunities abound, with the communities of Burney and McCloud woven together by a non- motorized pedestrian, equestrian, and bicycle trail that travels the route of an historic rail line, including spur lines to Hambone and Goose Valley. Connections to the existing McArthur–Burney Falls Memorial State Park, National Forest lands, and the Pacific Crest Trail add additional recreational opportunities, as well as amenities such as campgrounds and restrooms. Heritage is interpreted and featured at key locations along the trail, as well as manifested in materials used for construction of signs, buildings, and other amenities. Ecological enhancement is at the forefront with culverts and bridges restored, streams renewed, and native plants abounding.

Published October 2015

About the Author

The Great Shasta Rail Trail Association is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, formed to own and manage the Great Shasta Rail Trail.

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