Grade-Separated Trails Crossings

How Do We Get Over There?

Key presentation elements will include a list of factors that trail planners and designers should consider.

Speakers: Rory Renfro is a Senior Planner at Alta Planning + Design; Scott Belonger, P.E., Project Manager, Loris and Associates; Peter Loris, P.E. is president of Loris and Associates

Trail crossings can represent a major trail development challenge, and the attention given to the planning and design of these critical areas can dramatically impact project cost, safety and the trail user experience. Key presentation elements will include a list of factors that trail planners and designers should consider, such as trail-user types and their associated needs, the type of barrier being crossed (roadways, railroads, waterways), whether an at-grade or grade-separated crossing offers the best solution, and design challenges to expect with these often costly projects. The presentation will provide invaluable information for planning and budgeting your next trail crossing.

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