Getting to the Ribbon Cutting

Keys to Leadership & Partnership for Successful Trail Development

Practical how-to advice on developing the leadership tools and community resources

Speakers: Tim Herd, Executive Director, Stroud Region Open Space Commission, East Stroudsburg, PA; Ursula Lemanski, Virginia Project Manager, Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, National Park Service, Leesburg, VA; Holly Larson, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program, National Park Service, St. Paul, MN

Trail development and management is a long-term commitment. Successful trail partnerships sustain long-term productivity by motivating the collaborators, enlisting the resources, engaging the public, solving the problems, and blazing a clear-cut mission. This session offers practical how-to advice on developing the leadership tools and community resources to create, sustain, and manage the green infrastructure connecting your community to its land and sense of place. The top ten ways trail projects “get stuck” with organizational and partnering pitfalls and delays will be presented as well as hot to get “unstuck.”

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