Cross Camden County Trail Feasibility Plan

Camden County is undertaking the ambitious goal of constructing a bicycle and pedestrian trail across the length of the county, beginning at the Delaware River waterfront and extending to the southeastern county line, a distance of approximately 33 miles.

by NV5, Inc.

In 2014, Camden County completed a Bicycling & Multi-Use Trails Plan, which identified nearly 500 miles of trails and on-street bicycle lanes that will eventually connect cities, townships and boroughs to create a full network across the county. Camden County currently has about 60 miles of trails and bicycle lanes, but these facilities are typically short segments scattered all across the county.

In order to realize the potential that a robust bicycle and pedestrian network can have, and to keep the momentum of the ambitious Bicycling & Multi-Use Trails Plan moving forward, the county decided to investigate a central route that will serve as the “backbone” of the entire built-out system. Camden County officials envisioned a route that would cut across the county, from the Ben Franklin Bridge in Camden, through various suburban boroughs, to the preserved open spaces in the rural parts of the county. Future trail and bike lane construction would then be able to connect to this central trail, helping to accelerate the build-out of the system.

While one of the major goals of this initial route is to create a recreational trail that will connect to parks and open space, it is also a goal to create a practical route that will encourage daily bicycle commuting and utilitarian trips, such as for getting groceries or going out to eat. The potential tourism component is a significant factor to consider as the route is investigated

Attached document published June 2017

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