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Creating a Resume and Resources for Federal Government Jobs

Applying for a Federal Job requires several steps every applicant must take. Find out the components of a federal application.

012 Guide Creating a Resume and Resources for Federal Government Jobs v1

This guide provides detailed information about creating and submitting all the necessary components for your application.

  1. The first step is to create an account on and search for a job.
  2. After creating an account you can search for job listings. How to navigate the USAJOB site and to understand federal job postings is a complex task and is described in detail in the guide “Navigating USAJOB,com”.
  3. Once you have found a job listing that fits your profile, applying for this specific job is the next step. Federal Applications contain 3 components: The Federal Resume, the Application Questionnaire and Supporting Documents, including a cover letter.

Published November 2020

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