County of Los Angeles Trails Manual

The purpose of this Trails Manual is to provide an accessible resource that can be used for trail planning, design, construction, and maintenance within the County of Los Angeles

This manual provides guidance to County departments that interface with trail planning, design, development, and maintenance. Specifically, these departments include the Department of Regional Planning, the Department of Public Works, and the Department of Parks and Recreation. This Trails Manual recognizes the existence of a broader regional trail network that exists in the County of Los Angeles and surrounding counties that provides access to recreational resources operated by federal, state, and local agencies. Thus, this Trails Manual provides guidelines for implementation of the goals, objectives, and purpose for the 2010 Strategic Plan related to trails.

The manual provides sources of information and physical factors to be considered when analyzing the regional planning context, design, and development of trails that create the highest quality recreational experience and the capacity to serve the diverse recreational needs of County residents and visitors while undertaking the necessary outreach with community and regulatory stakeholders.

Published February 2011

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