Columbus Black Heritage Trail, Georgia

The Black Heritage Trail is a National Recreation Trail (NRT) that embodies the contributions of African Americans from Columbus.

National Recreation Trail

Designated in 2000

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The Columbus, Georgia Black Heritage Trail is an urban trail, portions of which provide excellent scenic views of both the Chattahoochee River and the urban historic district.

The Black Heritage Trail shows parts of Columbus you may never have known, but it also opens your eyes to the legacy of slavery, segregation, and the civil rights movement. It allows you to see both the beauty and despair that echoes through African American communities throughout Columbus and the South.

The trail travels throughout downtown and midtown Columbus and identifies 30 African American heritage landmarks, buildings, and stories of noteworthy events that date back to the 1800's. The NRT symbol is affixed to the 14th Street pedestrian bridge that crosses the Chattahoochee River from Alabama to Georgia.

Some of the stops along the way include the Friendship Baptist Church, the First Interracial Law Firm in Columbus, the Columbus Urban League , and the Mildred L. Terry public library, the first public library for blacks in a segregated Columbus, the Springer Opera House, Prince Hall Masonic Lodge where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke, and the Ma Rainey (known as the Mother of the Blues) Museum. Below is the complete list of stops:

  1. Ma Rainey Home
  2. First African Baptist Church
  3. St. John AME Church
  4. Claflin School
  5. Metropolitan Baptist Church
  6. Restored Train Station
  7. Saint James AME Church
  8. Old City Jail
  9. Friendship Baptist Church
  10. The Liberty Theatre
  11. Spencer High School
  12. Porterdale Cemetery
  13. Old Slave Cemetery
  14. Fifth Avenue School
  15. Mildred L. Terry Library
  16. Fourth Street Baptist
  17. The Spencer House
  18. Columbus Urban League
  19. Brick Streets Laid by Slaves
  20. First Interracial Law Firm of Columbus
  21. Primus King Site
  22. Springer Opera House
  23. Dr. Thomas H. Brewer Assassination Site
  24. Site of first Silent store
  25. Temperance Hall
  26. Greater Shady Grove Baptist Church
  27. City Mills
  28. Isaac Maund House
  29. Kinfolks Corner
  30. Dillingham Street Bridge

Although you can follow the Black Heritage Trail in Columbus on a self-guided tour, there are probably many places you'll miss and facts that aren’t readily available. Columbus Georgia Tours / Vicinity Tours offers the only Black Heritage Tour in Columbus. It is two full hours packed with information on the sites of historic importance to African American culture in Columbus. For more information on the Black Heritage Trail visit:


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