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Colorado Parks & Wildlife 2016-2026 Statewide Trails Strategic Plan

Summary Document

This Statewide Trails Strategic Plan and the State Trails Program aim to ensure that program direction and efforts are consistent with other cooperators, funders, stakeholders, and ultimately service the expectations and needs of Colorado’s residents and visitors.

CO Trails Strat Plan

The State Trails Program, as a program under the division of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources (DNR), explicitly incorporates the missions and goals of those agencies as well as other direction from the General Assembly and Governor. This plan inherently functions to advance those directions. For many Coloradans and visitors to the state, trails are the conduit to their intimate connection to Colorado’s great outdoors.

This plan and the actions of the State Trails Program seeks to encourage, facilitate and advocate for trails in Colorado, always while recognizing that the ultimate goal is to connect people to nature in such a way that their trails experience continues to protect and steward our wildlife, sensitive species and critical habitats. Trails are for everyone to enjoy, and always with the emphasis, that such enjoyment should not come at the expense of others. Ethics and stewardship are key aspects of the Trails Program’s direction and intention. Outdoor recreation includes all types of trail users as well as hunters, anglers, campers and others.

Published January 2016

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