Building Partnerships for Single and Multi-Use Trails

Transferring Hysteria to Harmony Using Collaborative Approaches and Combined Interagency Public Involvement Strategies

Learn about collaborative travel management planning efforts that work.

Speakers: Jay Daniel, Superintendent, Houston Parks and Recreation Department, Greenspace Management Memorial Region-Central Division; Jack Olson, Trail Planner, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources

What uses are appropriate on thousands of miles of roads, trails, and other routes? Learn about collaborative travel management planning efforts that work. Too often travel management and trail planning is a competitive process that polarizes users, public and private land managers, and various agencies. A collaborative approach, open to meaningful public participation can result in a travel management plan that is widely acceptable to all partners. In this session we will learn how these planning tools are being applied in the 2 million acre area around the Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota and the 84 year old Memorial Park Trail System in Houston, TX.

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