Building Healthy Communities

A Plan to Promote Active Lifestyles

Learn how to use a collaborative approach to develop a bi-state regional trails plan.

Speakers: Cindy Heath, Special Projects Coordinator, Lebanon Recreation & Parks, Lebanon NH; Russell Hirschler, Executive Director, Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Norwich, VT; Julian A. Reed, Ed.D., MPH, Furman University

Learn how to use a collaborative approach to develop a bi-state regional trails plan. Explore strategies for successful citizen participation, with a focus on underserved populations, how to position trail projects as economic stimulators, and hold to increase community health. Case studies from the RWJ Active Living By Design project, the Upper Valley NH Healthy Eating Active Living project, and Safe Routes To School and Safe Routes To Play will be examined. Also, hear about Michigan’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative, designed to increase physical activity among low-income and minority populations and enhance trails to promote these activities.

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