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posted Jan 21, 2020

Use and Nonuse of a Rail Trail Conversion for Physical Activity: Implications for Promoting Trail Use

The purpose was to examine 9 adult activity settings in 25 community parks to determine the most and least frequently used by gender, physical-activity (PA) intensity, and ethnicity.

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published Jan 1, 2012

The Association of Natural Elements With Physical Activity Intensity During Trail Use by Older Adults

When promoting trail-use among older adults, natural elements should be considered.

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published Dec 24, 2011

Trail User Demographics, Physical Activity Behaviors, and Perceptions of a Newly Constructed Greenway Trail

To better understand and promote physical activity on a newly constructed trail, the present study examined the demographic characteristics and physical activity behaviors of trail users

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posted Oct 31, 2019

Engaging the Health Community

by Taylor Goodrich with American Trails

Trails are shown to improve health both mentally and physically, yet the healthcare industry and the trails industry rarely work together. There are many reasons for this, such as logistics, bureaucracy, and communication issues. We asked some leading experts how we can begin bridging these gaps.

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posted Nov 25, 2011

What Draws People to a Trail?

by American Trails Staff

The desire to recreate, exercise and enjoy natural beauty.

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