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posted Jul 17, 2018

FAQ: What are the BEST hiking trails?

by American Trails Staff

Top 10 hiking trails

  tags: faq, opinion, volunteers, long-distance

posted Jun 8, 2018

Hiking is for all Abilities

The beauty of hiking is that it is for all abilities. Opportunities for accessible trails as well as more challenging routes can be found in every corner of America.

  tags: accessibility

posted Jun 6, 2018

McPhee Overlook Trail - Colorado

This project required an easement across private property to access the San Juan National Forest. Labor was provided by the Southwest Conservation Corps, Southwest Colorado Cycling Association, and Mesa Verde Backcountry Horsemen, with additional funding from the National Forest Foundation.

posted Apr 23, 2018

Triad Partnership protects and manages the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin

by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The Ice Age Trail Triad shows that the federal government, a state agency, and a nonprofit can all work together to accomplish a lot more than they could if they worked on their own.

  tags: partnerships, volunteers, conservation, operation

posted Mar 29, 2018

Lena Lake Trail, Olympic National Forest, Washington

by American Trails Staff

Climbing through thick conifer woods to a scenic lake, the Lena Lake National Recreation Trail is managed by Olympic National Forest, Hood Canal District.

  tags: birding, nature trail, parks, wildlife, backcountry

posted Mar 27, 2018

Palm Canyon Trail, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

by American Trails Staff

An area of rugged beauty, Palm Canyon may be the only place in Arizona where native palm trees, California Fan Palms, can be found.

  tags: birding, habitat, preservation, wildlife, backcountry

posted Mar 27, 2018

King Range Crest National Recreation Trail, California

by American Trails Staff

Spectacular mountain trails with wide ocean views in northern California's Mendocino County

  tags: blm, wilderness, backcountry

posted Mar 27, 2018

Lost Coast National Recreation Trail, California

by American Trails Staff

Spectacular coastal trail on the Lost Coast of northern California's Mendocino County.

  tags: wilderness, backcountry

posted Mar 27, 2018

Mountains to Sea Trail, Orange County, California

by American Trails Staff

This 22-mile urban nature reserve and bikeway starts in Weir Canyon and travels through six jurisdictions, enabling trail users to experience the diversity of the 50,000-acre Irvine Ranch Land Reserve.

  tags: multi-use, wilderness, greenway, urban

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