Youth Corps

For many, Youth Corps is a life-changing experience bringing leadership skills and a love of the outdoors.

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posted Jun 6, 2018

Horseshoe Bend Park Trail Restoration - New Jersey

The trail system was in critical need of erosion control, raised walkways, and small bridges to enable the broadest number of people to use the trails year round, while protecting water quality and habitat.

posted Jun 6, 2018

Wildcat Rock Trail - North Carolina

Construction involved professional trail contractors, youth service crews, and community volunteer groups. The three-mile trail is a segment of the 20-mile Upper Hickory Nut Gorge Trail that will circumnavigate the community of Gerton.

posted Jun 6, 2018

Pole Mountain Trails - Wyoming

Project sponsor Wyoming Conservation Corps partnered with Wyoming Pathways and the Medicine Bow National Forest to build and maintain sustainable trails in the high-use Pole Mountain area.

posted Jan 16, 2018

Utah: Adam Stoldal

Adam has diligence, work ethic, and the ability to teach others trail construction and maintenance using his skills and experience.

posted Jan 10, 2018

Northwest Youth Corps

Northwest Youth Corps has been building trails to the future 1984, helping more than 18,000 diverse young people through opportunities to improve the natural environment.

posted Dec 29, 2017

Rock Creek Park Bridge Project - District of Columbia

The Student Conservation Association worked with the National Park Service to build four trail bridges at Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC.

posted Dec 29, 2017

Utah Conservation Corps Bike Crew - Utah

The trail crew ued bicycles as their only transportation in improving trails at Utah State Parks site.

  tags: conservation corps

posted Dec 29, 2017

Anchorage Hillside Singletrack Trail System - Alaska

Anchorage’s first system of soft-surface, narrow trails built for mountain bikes and foot traffic.

posted Dec 29, 2017

Continental Divide Trail Alliance Youth Corps

Youth crews have built over 75 miles of new trail in rugged environments along the Continental Divide.

  tags: conservation corps

posted Dec 25, 2017

Student Conservation Association

During the summer of 2009, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) brought kids and trails together on 103 crews in 18 cities and major metropolitan areas across the nations.