Putting people to work on the trails: youth corps, service and conservation corps, AmeriCorps, and other programs for young Americans. Volunteer programs include maintenance, trail building, monitoring, training, promoting, and developing volunteerism.

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posted Jun 6, 2018

Rim Butte OHV Trails - Oregon

Deschutes County 4 Wheelers are providing volunteer time and donations to develop a system of designated technical four-wheel drive trails in cooperation with the Deschutes National Forest.

posted Jun 6, 2018

Horseshoe Bend Park Trail Restoration - New Jersey

The trail system was in critical need of erosion control, raised walkways, and small bridges to enable the broadest number of people to use the trails year round, while protecting water quality and habitat.

posted Jan 16, 2018

Kansas: Bunnie Watkins

Bunnie Watkins has been part of the US Army Corps team at Perry Lake for nearly two decades.

posted Jan 16, 2018

Wyoming: Bruce Burrows

Bruce Burrows has been a long-time volunteer with Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites, and Trails (WY SPHS&T).

posted Jan 16, 2018

Wisconsin: Dick Kroener

Dick Kroener is one of those people who thrives on volunteerism in a multitude of ways.

posted Jan 16, 2018

West Virginia: Charles L. Dundas

Charles L. Dundas ("Charlie") began building trails, as a volunteer, in 1958.

posted Jan 16, 2018

Ohio: Greg Jackson

Cleveland Metroparks is an independent government entity providing over 22,000 acres of open space around greater Cleveland, mostly in Cuyahoga County.

posted Jan 16, 2018

Massachusetts: Scott Monroe

Scott Monroe is retiring this year from the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Alpine Stewardship Volunteer Program. While it is understandable on Scott’s part, it will nevertheless be a major loss to the ASV Program.

posted Jan 16, 2018

Louisiana: Freddie Paul

North Louisiana is fortunate to have a small group of volunteers who are involved in the planning, building and maintenance of trails in their surrounding area.

posted Jan 16, 2018

Kentucky: Mike Bossert

Mike Bossert has been a member of Fort Harrod Back Country Horsemen (FHBCH) since its inception approximately four years ago.