Benefits of Trails

Trails have many benefits of health and economic basis. Here are studies and articles on the benefits of trails.

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posted Dec 25, 2017

Chris McNeil

Wyoming develops All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) safety simulator

posted Dec 25, 2017

Tom Gilbert

Tom is the Superintendent for the North Country and Ice Age National Scenic Trails

posted Dec 25, 2017

Hudson River Valley Greenway

Hudson River Valley Greenway for forming partnerships with citizens, organizations and agencies that had the overall goal of developing a plan that would provide about 1,000 miles of hiking opportunities along the Hudson River.

posted Dec 25, 2017

Jane Lambert

Jane is the Program Manager of the Alliance for Cardiovascular Health in Utah. Jane is committed to improving access to trails and promoting their use to increase physical activity throughout the state of Utah.

posted Dec 25, 2017

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson of Tucson, Arizona, is Principal Planner of Pima County Natural Resources Parks & Recreation Department.

posted Dec 25, 2017

American Discovery Trail, Quad Cities Section

The construction of a segment of the American Discovery Trail, completed in 2005, required funding, support and partnership from many entities.

posted Dec 25, 2017

Memorial Hospital Foundation - River Bluff Trail, Logansport, Indiana

The River Bluff Trail is Memorial Hospital's most aggressive and unique campaign for promoting good health behaviors.

posted Dec 25, 2017

Arkansas River Trail Medical Mile Project

The Arkansas River Trail Medical Mile is a multi-year collaboration project between the City of Little Rock and Heart Clinic Arkansas, the state's largest cardiology clinic.

posted Dec 25, 2017

Adventure Cycling Association & The University of Pittsburgh's Center for Minority Health

With the help of countless people, thousands of Africa Americans escaped from slavery by following various paths to freedom, hiding in the outbuildings and homes of sympathetic Americans along the way.

posted Dec 25, 2017

Pottstown Health and Wellness Foundation

The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation is a community organization created as a result of the sale of the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center to Community Health Systems.

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