Todd Ackerman

ADA/Assessment Coordinator with Beneficial Designs, Inc.

Todd Ackerman is an ADA/Assessment Coordinator at Beneficial Designs. Mr. Ackerman participates in both field collection of data and processing of the data for sidewalk and trail assessments. He has participated in more than 60% of the sidewalk assessment projects (including public right-of-way and access route assessments) completed by Beneficial Designs using the Public Right-of-Way Assessment Process (PROWAP). Mr. Ackerman combines his passion for accessibility, his enjoyment of the outdoors, and his love of teaching by regularly teaching certification workshops for the Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP) and the High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process (HETAP). In these workshops, participants gain practical experience out on the trail. He has taught more than 15 of these workshops while at Beneficial Designs. He also has presented the Developed Outdoor Recreation Assessment Process (DORAP) at conferences. Mr. Ackerman also contributes his knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards, Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Standards, and the California Building Code (CBC) on plan review projects and site assessments.


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