Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright is the great grandnephew of Wilbur and Orville Wright. He is the great grandson of Lorin Wright the second of ve Wright brothers born to the Bishop Milton Wright and Susan Koerner Wright. His great grandfather Lorin lived his entire life in Dayton and often worked closely with his two, more famous younger brothers in the capacity of book keeper, unof cial photographer, aircraft handler, secret agent, and most importantly, close, life-long con dant.

Steve lives and has worked in Dayton as a commercial photographer for 30 years and, along with his sister Amanda Wright Lane, serves as a trustee of the Wright Family Foundation. The Wright Family Foundation was founded by Amanda and Steve’s late father Wilkinson Wright to bene t scholarly causes in the eld of aviation history and the preservation of artifacts relating to aviation. In recent years the Wright Family Foundation has been dedicated to the preservation and restoration of one of Dayton’s great architectural treasures, Hawthorn Hill, the home of the Wright Brothers.


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