Phyllis Ralley

with Arizona Trail Association

Phyllis became involved with the Arizona Trail Association in 1994 but in 1990, after completing several annual all-women long distance trail rides and finding it increasingly difficult to plan with no corridor, she read the first article about the Trail in Arizona Highways and immediately called Dale Shewalter. Dale told her then that he did not yet have an association to deal with volunteers. A few years later in 1994, Jan Hancock called her to help produce the program for the first Annual Meeting. The rest is history. Phyllis has been a Board member, graphic artist, membership coordinator and event planner ever since. Now, as she approaches retirement from the Bureau of Land Management, Ralley hopes to bring her newly acquired skills of Oral Storytelling and Grant Writing into service for the ATA. Phyllis loves the long ears and hopes one day to ride a mule the length of the Arizona Trail.

Contact: [email protected]