Peter S. Jensen

Trail Planner/Builder

with Peter S. Jensen & Associates
Washington, Vermont

Peter S. Jensen is a trail planner/builder with more than 45 years experience planning and constructing pedestrian trails throughout the northeastern United States. His company has planned and built many miles of trail through open and forested terrain for a variety of non-profit and government clients. His philosophy is to plan and construction trails which minimize impact to the environment and provide the greatest access for all people. In the late 1990's he served as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s representative to the U. S. Access Board’s Regulatory Negotiation Committee on Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas where he helped shape guidelines for development of new trails, camping facilities, picnic sites, and beaches. Peter S. Jensen & Associates, LLC continues to plan, design, construct, and consult on the development of sustainable trails for all people. The group also is involved in technical skills training for youth, volunteers, and agency/non-profit staff, an important component of their work. Peter S. Jensen &Associates, LLC has been a member of the Professional Trailbuilders Association (PTBA) since 2001.


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