Mike Quinn

Retired Nurse Anesthesiologist

with Mayo Clinic

Mike Quinn has participated in almost every type of riding there is, and have found it to be the best stress relief in his life. It keeps him in good physical and mental shape. Riding has been an invaluable part of his life. Mike's children have ridden and his son is still an off-road rider. Mike has found riding to be the most family-oriented sport that his family has been involved in. In addition, Mike and his wife have taken part in 2 European Motorcycle Tours encompassing 24 days and most of Europe. These were trips of a lifetime and the best way to see the countryside, as well as experience the environment. Trail riding gives Mike the same pleasure: him and nature along with his personal skills.

Professional History:

  • Retired Certified Nurse Anesthetist
  • Instructor in Anesthesiology at the Mayo College of Medicine
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instructor
  • Advanced Radiology Life Support Instructor
  • Areas of expertise: Cardiothoracic, Vascular, and Trauma surgery.
  • AMA congressperson for many years. Mike serves on the Medical Safety and Motocross Commissions.
  • Chairman of the Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association (ARMCA) since 2001


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