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Mark Rentschler

Mark Rentschler is the Board President of the Miami Conservancy District (MCD). The MCD protects communities in southwest Ohio from ooding, preserves the quality and quantity of water, and promotes the enjoyment of the waterways. Mark’s passion for the Miami Conservancy District (MCD) may be genetic. He is the fth member of his family to proudly serve on the MCD board of directors. His great, great-uncle, Gordon Rentschler, was one of the three founding board members. Another great great-uncle, George; his grandfather, Walter; and his father, Tom; also have served on the board of directors.

Mark has continued his family’s passion to serve the region. All of the Rentschlers have been true to Arthur Morgan’s vision of combining recreation with ood protection. About 3,300 acres of land in the retarding basins behind the dry dams are part of a system that reduces ood risk for about one million people. The Rentschlers, in their work on the board of directors, have made certain that MCD-owned land in places like Taylorsville and Germantown MetroParks continues to provide opportunities for recreation activities including hiking, birdwatching and paddling. And more than 50 miles of bike trails in this region are built on MCD land, much of it on or along levees that protect cities from flooding.