Laurene Hamilton

VP of Programs with Greening Youth Foundation

As an environmental champion, Laurene has worked both at the State and local level protecting Georgia’s natural resources while focusing on sustainability. In the private sector, she assisted in the implementation of the Cox Enterprises' waste minimization and sustainability goals. She is most proud of her current role as VP of Programs at Greening Youth Foundation. This organization's bevy of work and commitment to excellence speaks to both her professional and personal leadership goals and passions for engaging and encouraging youth towards environmental careers. Ensuring the succession of under-served/under-represented groups in the green industry is an investment she is driven to make as a way of “paying-it-forward" for the advantageous opportunities paved for herself during her career journey.

Laurene takes pride in promoting respect for both the natural and built environments and the importance of integrating all aspects of sustainability within our system. Her personal volunteer efforts also center on advocating green and healthy initiatives in the primary education system; thereby instilling these values into the next generation.

Laurene Beverly Hamilton holds an undergraduate BS from Tennessee State University in Agricultural Science and Business and an MS in Sustainability and Environmental Science from the University of Georgia.

Contact: [email protected]


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