Landon Russell

Executive Director with The Walthour-Moss Foundation

Landon has served as the executive director of The Walthour-Moss Foundation (WMF) since 2008. The Foundation originally known for its equestrian use, which continues to attract world-class riders and drivers to its sandy lanes and trails, is located in the Sandhills of North Carolina, one mile from the town of Southern Pines. It occupies over 4000 acres, virtually unspoiled by progress and development.

As executive director, Landon oversees day-to-day operations and manages the programs that further the Foundation’s mission to preserve open land, protect wildlife habitat, and provide a place for equestrian purposes.

WMF receives equestrian visitors from around North Carolina who come to take advantage of the good footing provided by the naturally sandy trails. WMF is open to riders, carriage drivers, and hikers from sunup to sundown each day of the year. Landon works with the local community to protect local bridle trails and trail access to WMF by securing equestrian access easements. To date, over ninety easements have been generously granted by the community to benefit WMF, resulting in over 12 miles of local trails protected. Landon was instrumental in WMF achieving national accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission in 2019. As a result of her efforts to maintain excellent stewardship of the land, WMF was added to the NC Longleaf Honor Roll in 2018.

Landon lives in Vass, North Carolina with her husband and two children.


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