Jane Daniels

Yorktown Trail Supervisor

with New York - New Jersey Trail Conference

Jane Daniels is a 40+ year volunteer with the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference with roles ranging from the shovel to the board room. She has been supervising the volunteers who maintain trails in the Town of Yorktown in Westchester County since March 2010. Jane and her husband Walt have teamed up with mountain bikers and engaged youth to build 20 miles of trails, five bridges, seven boardwalks including a 564-foot long one and multiple puncheon totaling over 900 feet. Walt claims he moves rocks and Jane moves people. Learn some of the secrets of their success and how they have learned from their mistakes. They have hiked the Appalachian Trail, climbed the high peaks in the Adirondacks, and are the authors of Walkable Westchester, the third edition due out in the fall of 2020


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