Dennis Benson

Recreation Program Manager, Deschutes National Forest

with USDA Forest Service
Bend, Oregon

Dennis Benson has worked for the Forest Service for 34 years and is currently the Recreation Program Manager on the Deschutes National Forest in Bend, Oregon. Overall use on the Deschutes has more than doubled in the last five years. The combination of increased use and the continued development of technology has created significant challenges for public lands managers regardless of where they work. The explosion in sales of Ebikes and one wheels has created new challenges with long term partners like equestrian groups. As an agency we are interested in proactive approaches to managing these potential conflicts and are working on long term solutions to provide an enjoyable recreation experience while protecting fragile resources through the use of technology, management actions, and empowering out partners and volunteers in both long term and short term solutions. Dennis is an avid outdoor recreationist and has both a personal and professional perspective when it comes to recreation management.


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