Debbi Fisher

Training Director with Hope for Heroes Equine Therapy Consulting

Debbi Fisher is currently the Training Director for Hope for Heroes Equine Therapy Consulting, who helps people all over the world start programs for our Veterans with Equine Therapy. She was previously a certified instructor for the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, a nonprofit organization that has more than 800 accredited centers worldwide with 8,000 horses that provide equine-assisted activities and therapies. As a military widow, Debbi has founded the largest horse therapy program in America servingveterans. She is a leader in the PATH International “Equine Services for Heroes” Committee and she travels nationwide providing training to other PATH International instructors at their centers. Debbi lived, worked and trained for PATH personnel in the northwest for many years, including Bend, Oregon and Rainier, Washington. Her special area of expertise is working with military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder traumatic brain injuries. The combination of developing trust and riding skills with horses, and undertaking trail riding challenges have helped heal military veterans since the program began in 2010. Debbi shares her enthusiasm for a research study underway at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas, noting, “This study will demonstrate the true effectiveness and dramatic healing success of therapeutic horsemanship in treating PTSD with our nation’s military veterans.”


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